Sunday, 19 May 2013

Junkin finds – another amazing find

The weather couldn’t have been any better for this long weekend and I didn’t get anything done in my kitchen, but I did manage to do some junkin’.

This lamp was $15. It came with a bell shaped shade which I didn’t like much, so I changed it to this one, but it may change again :)


3 meters of this upholstery weight fabric for $7.99, it just may find a place on the next find I am about to share with you.


I don’t actually have these yet, I am leaving tomorrow morning at 6:30 to drive 3 hours to pick them up. I know I sound like a crazy woman, but wouldn’t you drive for 6 hours to get these for $25 each?!

Faux bamboo Chippendale arm chairs … here’s hoping that I don’t get an email overnight telling me they were sold to someone else, I think i will cry.


And my daughter picked some lilacs for me. Nothing says spring like lilacs.


I hope you had an amazing weekend too.


  1. You find the most amazing things!!!! If I am ever near by, you will have to take me :D pretty please?

  2. What great scores! Those chairs!!! What a find...I'd drive too! :)

  3. Oh Mel....6 hours?? I hope you have a good book to listen to on the way! You are a real trooper. But I'm sure you'll make those $25 chairs look like a million bucks before you're through with them. LOVE the lamp!! Lucky you!


  4. Yeah I'd drive to get those chairs, they're awesome. Can hardly wait to see what you do for them. The lamp is great, love the color. Well heck I love all of it especially that little elephant pitcher you have your lilacs in. It's so cute, love things like that. Enjoy. What do you have in mind for a different shade for you new lamp? Happy days.

  5. Those chairs and fabric are going to be perfect! Can't wait to see them!