Saturday, 13 July 2013

Putzing about

It seems like I have so little time to actually get anything done. I start on something and then have to dump it to deal with life’s little details.

I made some new cushions for my patio chairs with some thrifted fabric. I have since power washed the stones, please ignore the algae. LOL

Easy cushion covers at Junkin Junky

Easy cushion covers at Junkin Junky

I followed a fantastic tutorial by Christy at Confessions of a serial diyer. Easiest covers, ever.

I found this utility box at a garage sale for $2 and gave it a few coats of different colours to come up with a pretty little display box.

Utility box update at Junkin Junky

Utility box update at Junkin Junky

We drink tea in our house every night after dinner, it must be our British roots. I found these EAT letters in a bright yellow but toned them down to better suit my space. And, rearranged them to be more appropriate for us.

TEA wall letters at Junkin Junky

I have fulfilled some sign orders and have one more in the works.

Engagement sign at Junkin Junky

Today I am off to meet a fun and wonderful friend that I met through my blog. She is visiting from North Carolina and we are going to make a day of it, I can’t wait.

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Great projects for getting "so little" done! ;) I love the utility box before and after! Have fun today!

  2. The box is adorable, love the color and tone. And TEA? HA :D I love it!! S0 fun, and I hope you have a blast today with your friend.

  3. How fun to meet someone through your blog! I love the color on the utility box.

  4. love the new cushions! they are perfect and so very mel!

  5. Your cushions turned out fantastic!!! I'd love to share them on my Facebook page...a little shameless plug for my tutorial:)
    Oh and I love the sign on glass!!

  6. Nice cushions! Congrats on making them yourself very impressive!

  7. All of your projects look great! Love the glass sign :-)

    Hope you had a fun meet-up with your blogger friend :-)

  8. I love the fabric you used for the cushions, it looks like you got yourself a new patio set! :)
    Really nice finds and that's a very pretty sign. Hope you had a great time with your friend!