Saturday, 18 October 2014

Blue and white and lately

As a single, sole support mum of two, making a little extra money helps me to give my kids things they otherwise would not get.  I didn’t intend to buy and sell furniture, but as I acquired new pieces the old ones had to go somewhere. Over the last two years I have bought lots of palm beach regency and faux bamboo furniture, most of it sold quickly and at a VERY good profit. I’m lucky enough to live in a densely populated city with lots to choose from and lots of buyers.

Recently I bought four of these chairs with a dining table included.

Broadview Heights

These rattan Brighton Pavilion chairs are showing up everywhere in home decor lately. I flipped the set without doing anything to it and now my daughter will be going on a school trip to Chicago! That’s economics Mum style!

Recently I found a set of two faux bamboo étagère's. I was hoping that I would be able to keep them the natural walnut colour, but they were in awful condition and would have been way more work than I have time for. Instead I opted to spray paint them in high gloss black lacquer. How long they live with me, I don’t know.

Broadview Heights

It was fun styling them with all of my thrift store treasures.

Broadview Heights

Broadview Heights


Another thrift store treasure was this blue and white ceramic lamp at $15. The shade was another find, brand new for $3 and a perfect fit.

Broadview Heights

Large purchases will be a thing of the past as I traded in my old trusty van, for something a little sleeker. There is still enough room for a fair amount, but nothing too big.


In February I damaged my right foot (hey, maybe I can make a new movie with that tile, one to rival My Left Foot..ha ha) and have been limping around since. Several trips to the doctors, new orthotics and deep tissue therapy and I’m still hobbling. It has really thrown me off of my reno game and I’ve gained a fair amount of weight, which certainly doesn’t help. Or, maybe it’s that I gave up smoking…hmmmm  Anyway, I'm at the point where I just want to work through the pain and get something done.  Maybe next weekend. 

Hoping your weekend is a good one.

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  1. Awww, so sorry about your foot. I have been there for a few years with my knee damage and am now able to move around freely and even lost a few of those added pounds that snuck in when I was healling. I am so glad you have found side money you get to give to your children. That is such a blessing :D Hope you continue to post, I like knowing you're doing ok. <3