Tuesday, 28 June 2011

New signs

I have made a couple of new signs this past week.

The first is for my friend to commemorate her recent trip to Portugal. This is the town that she stayed in.


This next sign is for a friend and his wife to put up at their cottage. Don’t you just love the name? I do.  The name is a body of water in the Orkney Islands, Scotland. It had been used by the Vikings more than 1000 years ago to dock their vessels. Most recently it was used as the site of the United Kingdom's chief naval base during World War I and World War II. Had they not ordered this sign, I never would have known that. huh.



  1. I love the signs and the history. You rock!

  2. I need to do one of these to commemorate the birth of Chateau Inferno. Mel, you have such fabulous taste, and you are such an inspiration.