Saturday, 15 May 2010

Does this make me look fat?

The gray in the sitting area was overwhelming and much too dark. It looks great in the kitchen, but there is lots of light there with 2 good sized windows.
I tried baby fawn but it was almost white against the gray, so I went back to the store and purchased bleeker beige.
The taping took for ever! Getting it even over those corners was the pits. When they built this house they sure didn’t think the duct work placement out well. The bottom band is wider than the others ‘cause math isn’t my forte and I was tired of trying to figure it all out. Yeah, I’m like that, just jump in :)
The ottoman has found a new spot as it was just too big for the area. I’ll find a smaller footstool. I also purchased a new rug that matches the one in the living room.

I’ve made a few changes since this original post



  1. Gosh, that must have taken forever! Your such a craft crafter ;) Come to my house and finish my projects for me K? Ive been in a funk lately. I think its the weather here..the sun is out today, and Im feeling like I need to clean and spruce up the craft room. Perhaps it needs some stripes ;)

    Way to go Mel! Its looking nice! you need to do before and after photos someday. ....and I love that butterfly art!

  2. It looks fantastic! Thats something I have avoided trying because of all the prep work You're very brave. You've been a busy bee lately!.

  3. Wow! What a job that must have been. We've done stripes a few times and it's always time consuming. Yours came out great!!! What a difference!


  4. I love the butterfly art! The stripes make the room really pop! Looks great :)

  5. Love the stripes. Love the rug. Very stylin'