Monday, 24 May 2010

Personalized money holder

I have a wedding reception to attend this afternoon (it’s a holiday here today, Victoria Day) and completely forgot to get a card.
I went to the only scrap book paper I have, Amy Butler, which I’ve used for numerous projects.
The bride and groom are very eco-friendly and I believe will appreciate that this was not a bought card.
I added their names with scrabble blocks
I couldn’t find any glue, so I had to use electrical tape to hold the envelope closed. Added a personal message on the back, attached some cash and a pull ribbon and I have a no cost, personalized card. My very first one :)
I’m sure that the scrapbookers out there are cringing, but I’m lovin’ it.
And just for fun, those that have never seen Canadian money before, here it is. (We have a $10 bill too, but I don’t have one)


  1. That's the first card you've ever made? It looks dynamite! I love the scrabble tiles especially.

  2. Canadian money looks like
    Very neat! And Kudos on the card! Very cool!

  3. Love the card you made! The patterns look really cool with the scrabble tiles on!

  4. I think they'll love it! What a special, thoughtful way to give them money. I liked seeing the Canadian money too. Don't think I ever have!

    ps..I'm a scrapbooker and I'm not cringing at all!