Sunday, 16 May 2010

I am so smrt, s m r t

Ok, I’m not that smart. I put a whole lot of work today into updating my front door, only to realize that I’ve made a horrible mistake.
Here is the before; I live in a condo townhouse and there are rules about what colour the front door can be painted. It is a horrid brown, chipping, peeling and chalky. To top it off, the ceiling in the area was also brown, making it dark and dreary.
So I set to work, primed first, then painted, sprayed the pots, the mailbox and the door handle with ORB.  Much better, now I just have to do some more planting for colour, change the light and put my door number up (I have plans for that).
Ok, so maybe I’m not so smart because I used the wrong paint!  I used an indoor latex!  I’m gutted to think that I have to do the whole thing over. At least the cat likes it :)

Update:  The first coat of oil based exterior paint is on!  It went much faster than the latex paint; creamier and smoother. And bonus, it looks just like this colour :)

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  1. It looks great! I love the trim. Nice work.

  2. It looks really great. Sorry about having to do it over. We tend to make a lot of mistakes w/ the house the first time too.


  3. Wow, that brightened up ALOT!! It looks very nice! It amazes me what a lil paint can do ;)

    Is that you cat? I have an all black named Smokey ;) Is your cat all black?


  4. Maybe you can just put sealer over the paint? It would be a shame to have to redo it, because your results are just fabulous!

  5. Hi, since you're a blog I never miss, I wanted to stop by and tell you that I have a surprise for you tomorrow morning on my blog, so please do pop by!

  6. Hi - cute blog! I just repainted my adirondak chairs and neglected to take into account that they are going outside (duh) and that I used indoor paint (double-duh). My plan is to poly them and use them in our covered porch instead of the open back deck like I planned. Not ideal, but I hate the idea of all my work going to waste!