Thursday, 27 May 2010

Flat brown to bright white

A while back I bought this patio set from Kijiji.
It had seen better days and I decided to brighten it up. 5 cans of spray paint later.
Here are my thrift store signs, I just love them.
It’s a sad little patio, but it’s mine.  I would really like a deck built, but that’s not an affordable project right now.  At least the furniture helps to brighten it up.
I'm linking up to Furniture Feature Friday at Mustard Seed Creations.

And to CSI’s Spray Paint Challenge


  1. Great job! I am digging the white ;) Those signs are perfect there, and the touch of print on the fabric looks fab! Your on fire lately Mel! Way to go ;)

  2. Oh I really like this a lot! I think that your "sad little patio" is super cute. It's so neat to watch all the changes you are making. You are so creative :)


  3. Sad? Mel, it's adorable and cozy! Spray paint is just amazing stuff in the hands of the right people.

  4. I love the set in white! So much brighter and cheerier. You should keep your eye out for and outdoor rug. That might make you like you patio more. They help make it more room like.

  5. I love your patio. Looks all cozy and private! It's not sad at all!!
    The signs looks great.
    The furniture really pops in white now.


  6. Totally fresh now, I love Kijiji!