Saturday, 8 May 2010

Another room painted

his is my dining room. I turned it into a sitting room, but if I ever sell my house, I will stage it as a dining room again.
The red was 8 years old!  Honestly, I don’t know how I lived with it so long.
This is the same gray that is in the kitchen, but I’m not done yet. I am going to do some wide horizontal bands of glaze. Maybe tomorrow. For the window I am going to get a bamboo blind, like the one’s in the kitchen, just to bring some natural colour in to the room.
I didn’t even prime over the red first, just two coats of this paint and it covered fine.  That’s Betty, my sweet ol’ girl.
I sprayed the lamp to add some orange. Added the blind and put up the metal candle sconces.  The colour seems to be getting darker.  Now I have to find a colour for the living room. I went to look at some BM colours today but can’t seem to narrow it down. I need something that will go with the gray, but not nearly as dark and with a hint of tan in it.
Here is the space that needs to be painted, so if you have any suggestions on a colour, I will appreciate and consider them :0)
I've completed most of the taping. And I may have found a colour I love for the living room, Baby Fawn by Benjamin Moore.  If I go with that, instead of glazing the horizontal stripes, I will use Baby Fawn, that way it will help to transition the colours from the kitchen to the living room.

Here is Baby Fawn (colour may look off depending on your monitor), a warm greige.


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  1. Hiya, Betty! Great color, Mel, and I still love the ottoman.

  2. I think the ottoman is growing on I like the paint. You are such a busy body, come do some projects at my house!

  3. Love the new color, and the butterflies really pop!

    Happy Mother's Day!

  4. Looks so pretty and I can't believe you didn't prime over it first!! I had a red room that I painted over a couple years ago and I did prime. But now I can't remember how many coats I ended up using. Boots (my cat) says to give Betty? a kiss.

  5. Oh and you have such pretty chairs, rug, ottoman!

  6. or is it ottomon? or ......well, the stool thingy

  7. Mel...this room is gorgeous..I love your eclectic style and how it all goes together (even the newly covered ottoman!) so stylishly. The chairs are awesome! The first photo made the grey look taupy but in the subsequent photos it's definitely grey-grey. Is it a BM color? If I know the exact one I can look it up and see what I could suggest to go with it? I love the historical colors personally.


  8. Love your color choices and styling, I also love how you use color to link connected rooms - I do this too!

  9. Love the grey you picked! That is some good paint to not need primer with red... usually red is a nightmare to paint over.
    Thanks for sharing with us at the POPP.